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There are 12 beds.
Whole house rent, include using kitchen:
  • Summer - 150 lv. per day
  • Winter - 250 lv.per day
    More then 3 days accomodation - 10% discount.
    Bed rent:
  • Summer - 15 lv. per day
  • Winter - 25 lv. per day
    Extra bed - 7.50 lv.
  • Rent house in the village of Beli Iskar. Built a hotel, but it is not a hotel.
  • First floor - living room with dining area and kitchen, where the hostess will welcome you, feed and offer you the comfort and beauty of rural life.
  • On the second floor there are two deluxe rooms, defined as the yellow and red, with private bathrooms, cable TV. Furniture and accessories are designed in yellow and red, which gives them a unique charm.
  • The third floor is the attic bedroom. There are three smaller rooms with their own kitchen, where visitors can cook their own food.

    As you see, consider for every taste and fashion.

  • In the house are not allowed pets!
    2010 Beli Iskar village, phones: +359 (0)71227 464, +359 (0)877 168 658, e-mail: lusi_sto@abv.bg