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Beli Iskar has long been known internationally. Situated in a beautiful valley along the river Beli Iskar. On both sides rises unapproachable beauty of North Rila with its Eagle Rocks, where the owners have borrowed the name of the house.
Passes just over the border village of Rila Nature Park, where you live, served in the best way to sample the unique flora Rila.
The mountain is beneficial for picnics, horse or bicycle. Mountain guides will show you that inaccessible Rila is actually quite hospitable.
Recreation in the cool of the mountains in summer and winter sports active, make Beli Iskar attractive throughout the year. A cozy home in Villa Eagle Rocks and kind hosts, attracts guests who must return again and again in this unique natural spot.
2010 Beli Iskar village, phones: +359 (0)71227 464, +359 (0)877 168 658, e-mail: lusi_sto@abv.bg